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I once had a conversation in my head because of a book I was thinking of writing, the way writers do. There was a particular word in the title which I thought was confusing. The word club and where it came from became important. The English word club is derived from Old Norse klubba, meaning a cudgel.

FIRST ME: “All fine and dandy if you intend to batter someone over the head. But what if you wanted to use a nine iron instead, that’s a Golf Club, right?”

SECOND ME: “Well, yes, but a Golf club is also a place where you go to play golf.

FIRST ME: “Ah! A Golf course.”

SECOND ME: “Of course. But still, you have to club together to pay your dues at a golf club.”

FIRST ME: “Or for a season ticket at your football club.”

SECOND ME: “This is confusing. What say we forget this and go clubbing downtown?”

FIRST ME: “Can’t, my wife is in the club, so I have to save some money for the baby.”

SECOND ME: “In that case I’ll stay home and play solitaire. Don’t know why but I never seem to be able to get the clubs out.”

FIRST ME: “You want to get the clubs out? So, we’re back to using a cudgel?”

SECOND ME: “No, forget that I’m staying home, making a club sandwich and playing solitaire.”

FIRST ME: “Okay. See you down the working’s men’s club next week?”

SECOND ME: “Yeah, once I finish writing my book.”

FIRST ME: “Okay? What’s the book called?”

SECOND ME: “Clubs Through the Ages.”

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