Throwing in the Holiday Towel

Going on holiday seems to be a thing of the past, but I honestly believe the world will get back to normal, eventually. Holidays are the main focus for many people in lockdown and that’s understandable and in case you get to go on vacation soon, take a leaf from my book of I Wouldn’t Do This if I Were You.


Tobago is a lush and pleasant tropical island in the Caribbean and is known for its laid-back lifestyle, biodiverse tropical rainforest and beautiful beaches. I was lucky enough to spend two weeks on holiday in Tobago and did nothing but soak up the sun, swim in the warm Caribbean Sea and enjoy great food and a few rum punches. The rum punches that were my literal downfall.

The problem is All Inclusive. It’s great in one way, you don’t have to worry about carrying money around. Your meals are provided, and you can have a glass or two of wine with your meal… or beer… or rum punches. It’s that punch from the rum you must be wary of. The bartender at my resort was not one too bothered about using a legal measure. You order a rum punch, and you get a Tobago rum punch. These are not rum punches for the faint hearted, they literally pack a hefty punch.

Having spent the morning on the beach, soaking up the sun, enjoying a glass or two of beer, lunchtime soon came around and I wandered up to the beach bar to see what was on the menu. A Surf & Turf BBQ if memory serves, but don’t quote me on that. So, a great meal and a few rum punches followed and here I was, one happy holidaymaker making my way back to my chalet to shower and probably have a nap.

The view was like this one.

holiday antigua

I say similar because I took this shot in Antigua and seemed to have forgotten where my camera was, in Tobago, or how to use it more likely. I have no pictures of Tobago at all. Something else to blame on the rum punch.

So, there I was, in the outside shower enjoying the warm water. Towel wrapped round me I dried off and walked to the chalet front opening door that led to the balcony. The old wooden fence was ideal for drying towels so, I whipped the towel off, threw it over the fence and it slipped down to the grassy slope beyond. Okay, do I leave it there, maybe find later it’s been dragged off by a crab for bedding! No, I retrieve it… stark naked. Rum punch, you see. Makes me fearless. I walked onto the balcony as quick as I could, because there’s a row of similar chalets to my left. I bend over the fence… couldn’t quite reach… stretched a little more and… that was it. Centre of gravity took over and I was flat on my back, towel under me, on the grassy slope, giggling like a schoolboy. Too all intents and purposes it must have looked, to a casual observer, that I had taken up naturism. Did I say casual observer?

“Ahem,” came a small voice to my left.

Yep, it was my neighbour whom I had never met and to this day could not tell you if it was a man or women, because I broke all world records getting over the fence, shutting my doors and closing the blinds, standing with a towel gripped closely to my chest.

I now know the cure all for too many rum punches. Embarrassment is a powerful thing.

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