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A clown can be many things. They can be sad, they can be funny, they can be a child in class larking about and a clown can also be evil. Some people laugh at clowns, some people find them creepy and unnerving. A clown can be a man, a clown can be a woman, there are childish clowns, clowns with big noses, and clowns with big toesies… judging by the size of their shoes. So yes, a clown can be many things.

This is also true of the noun. A noun is a word that names something. It can name a person, or place, a thing and even an idea. A noun in a sentence can play the role of subject, direct object, indirect object, subject complement, object complement, appositive, or adjective… oh boy!

And of course, you can fear a clown, fear being a noun as is the clown a noun… blimey that’s enough confusion for one day!

It’s hardly surprising that many people find English Grammer a curious mix of strict rules and equally not so strict rules and are completely turned off by it. So why is English Grammar so frowned upon unless you’re an academic? In my case I didn’t get a choice, I had to learn about English grammar because it was what my school was all about. I attended a school in England that in the day was classed as an English Grammar School. It was a school so full of tradition that the teachers, or masters as we called them, wore gowns and mortar boards.

image of Comedy actor Will hay as a teacher

Comedy actor Will Hay as a teacher

You didn’t argue with the masters, because they were not averse to throwing chalk, or even solid wood dusters used to clean the board, at any child who was not paying attention. And they were crack shots, crack being the operative word if it found its target.

So English grammar was rammed down my throat from an early age, and you know what, it must have sunk in, to a degree, or I completely ignored it because I never even think about it when I’m writing. I do have to look up the rules sometimes, but most of the time it seems to come naturally. That’s not to say I get it right, I’m not that clever, but I seem to manage okay, and software helps as well these days.

So next time you wonder why a noun seems to be such an oddly diverse rule, just remember that a noun and can be a clown and at the same time a clown is a noun. English grammar, you either love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore it.

Let that be a lesson to you, dear reader.

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Surprisingly, none of my books seem to feature clowns. I may well change that in the future, but for now you can read free excerpts from these books by clicking the Preview button below the image.

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