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So, you write a book. You self-publish as an indie author. Then you sit back and wait for the sales… and nothing happens. Did you forget to market your book?

It’s a scenario we indie authors have all gone through and many are still going through. Unfortunately, a lot of indie authors just stop writing because they can’t take the disappointment. I’ve been there. I’ve got books that have no sales at all, but I have other books that sell well. The point is, if you have written a book and it’s a good read and well edited and proofed correctly then there is no reason it shouldn’t sell… except for that final ingredient many indie authors forget, namely marketing their book.

The hard work does not end because you have written and published your book… it’s only just beginning.

Writing for your blog is simple enough and using your blog for content marketing allows you to write great short pieces about multiple subjects, and in so doing gives you an audience whom you can connect with and advertise your books to. Many authors use it and they put links to their book sales page within their content. The problem in doing that is it can detract from your content, and if used too much it will put off some readers. I tend to put links to my books at the end of my content, or even links to further content within my blog, which you can see at the bottom of this piece.

I’ve used Twitter and Facebook until I’m blue in the face, and in so doing have spread the word via content marketing. Content marketing is probably the best free way to get traction with your book marketing. If you are a writer, you should have a blog. It’s a great way to feature your writing and in particular extracts from your book. So long as you link to your book sales page, you have a terrific way of producing written content for you to market your book. It’s essential stuff and apart from setting up a website, the cost is minimal.

But there is a need to increase your readership. If you have an audience of ten people who follow you on any social media platform and each of them share your content by liking or sharing it, then you can reach an even bigger audience. And if you have 100 followers, or a 1,ooo or even a million followers then your readers can become thousands and the potential for book sales will go up because of those ‘bums on seats’ that you are attracting. It’s a simple numbers game.

BUT, and as you can see it’s a big but, you have to have an audience and that audience needs to be grown. It’s little or no use putting your latest blog piece on social media if the people who see it are the same people week in and week out. How you choose to grow your audience is up to the individual, but I would personally recommend content marketing. However, be aware it is a slow process in building your audience.

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Here’s how I make use of the empty space at the end of my blog posts. I fill it with advertisements for my books. These links will take you to other posts on my blog.


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