To be perfectly honest, I’m not a vaccination virgin. When I was a kid polio and smallpox were a real-life threat.

In the 1950s a vaccine was introduced for Poliomyelitis (Polio) in Britain. Before that an epidemic resulted in thousands of cases of paralytic polio in the UK each year, with many hundreds of deaths. Once a vaccine was introduced cases of polio fell to low levels. The last outbreak of polio in the UK was in the late 1970s, and the last case of natural polio in Britain was in the mid 1980s. It was a similar picture with smallpox.

In 1796 a British doctor, Edward Jenner, demonstrated that infecting people with the mild cowpox virus in fact ensured immunity against the more deadly smallpox virus. The smallpox vaccine was the first vaccine developed against a contagious disease.
Cowpox was a natural vaccine but eventually a modern smallpox vaccine was produced in the 19th century. From 1958 to 1977, WHO (World Health Organisation) carried out a global vaccination campaign. This campaign eradicated smallpox, and to this day it’s the only human disease to be eradicated.

So yes, I’m an old hand at vaccination and as needles hold no fear for me, I have injected myself when I was first diagnosed as a diabetic, I am certainly not worried about the Covid-19 vaccination program.

So here on my blog I’ll let you, dear reader, know how I’m fairing when I get my first jab tomorrow, Saturday 27th March 021 at 12:45 and you will see how safe these vaccinations are.

Watch this space.

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Update: I’ve now had my first Pfizer jab.

Since I moved from the UK to Cyprus in 2008 I have seen Cyprus face and weather a worldwide money crisis in the very year I moved, a local banking crisis in 2013, losing one of my beloved springer spaniels, breaking seven ribs and finally a pandemic. And with so many other minor difficulties island wide as well as on a personal level that crisis management is a way of life. My book A Pat on His Back tells of my move to Cyprus and how I adjusted to living in an unfamiliar environment. My book series, Living in Cyprus 2013 to 2020 is an ongoing dialogue of what it’s like living in Cyprus and facing these difficulties with a good heart and hopefully with a smile.




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