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There are words in the English language that seem designed to confuse anyone learning the language. Bank is one such word as this piece of flash fiction demonstrates.

William Smith was born and raised in London. His working life started when he joined The Bank of England as a clerk. Eventually, he got a job as a Bank Manager in a small village in Shropshire, where his bank sat upon a grassy bank. This small building is pretty and blends in well with its surroundings, serving the community for many years.

Eventually Mr Smith made plans for his retirement. He was single and decided he wanted to travel, to go on holiday to sunny shores. He planned to catch a flight at a nearby airport and on the plane. He pictured himself smiling as he sipped a glass of wine and the aircraft slowly banked left to land in sunny Tobago. However, his travel agent told him not to bank on travelling any time soon, the pandemic had brought all travel to a grinding halt. Instead, Mr Smith decided to indulge his other passion and sit on a riverbank and fish.

This short story was brought to you by the multiple meaning English word bank.

Copyright © Tom Kane 2021

Other short stories, not sponsored by the word bank or any other word, can be found in my book of short stories inspired by The Twilight Zone, The Eternal Man.

4 Star Amazon Review: “Nice twist on the time travel genre and clever follow up shorts. Good read.”

5 Star Goodreads Review: “Tom Kane could write for “The Twilight Zone”. “The Eternal Man” is a collection of sci-fi shorts that would make Rod Serling proud. Kane incorporates humor and word play, making the book an easy read. However, not everything is light and airy. Kane tackles heavy topics about society, outer space and prejudice.
Any reader will appreciate the chuckles juxtaposed with the philosophy. More than one snippet will leave the reader pondering, nodding and smiling. Highly recommended!” 

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