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The Brittle Land

I don’t hold to the belief that everything happens for a reason and am certain there’s no supernatural spirit taking an interest in what I write. It’s just bad timing that I have had to stop writing The Brittle Land, book 2 of my trilogy, The Brittle Saga, as I near completion. Only another 10k words would see The Brittle Land 2nd draft completed, ready for editing and proofing. However, my eyesight has let me down.

I had two cataracts, one for each eye, obviously, and this over the last few years has impaired my eyesight and slowed me down a lot. I had a new lens fitted on my left eye at the end of February 2021 and it’s wonderful to be able to see the world in high definition, not through a dirty brown sand-blasted window where all colours have virtually drained away. My right eyesight is dire now and the world is a dirty brown blur, and I can’t even see the keyboard. I am so happy to be scheduled for an op next Thursday. It only takes ten minutes to fit a new lens, but the difference is life changing, at least from a writer’s point of view.

That’s not the end of the story though, as I must wait five weeks after the second op before I get my eyes tested for new spectacles. So, as things stand, I’m limited to writing short blog pieces. A chapter of a couple of thousand words or more is out the question because I can’t see very well at close distances. Long sight seems fine, more than fine, it’s stunning and at night I can now see so many more stars. But I can’t write on my laptop without spectacles for a long time, i.e., all day, because I get a headache. And if I can’t get down on my computer what’s in my head for that day without stopping after 300 or 400 words then it will never get written, because I’ll forget what I wanted to write.

There is no way round it, patience is a virtue. My new target date for publication of The Brittle Land is mid-May this year, so fingers crossed I can see my way clearly to finish this sequel to The Brittle Sea.

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The Brittle Land is book one in a trilogy, and you can read a sample here by clicking on the Preview button below –

or follow these hashtag links to read some early draft chapters on my blog.

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