Before you say anything, dear reader, I do know how to spell Time. Have a beer and carry-on reading, all will be revealed.

Once upon a time, pubs in Britain shut at 11pm and Time was called at 10:30pm with the ringing of a bell and the landlord shouting, “Time Gentlemen, please.” Why just gentlemen and not ladies? Because it was the bad old days and for a long, long time you only found men in pubs, their wives were at home looking after the kids. Things have changed for the better and pubs, pre-covid, were places where everyone, including woman and the kids, could enjoy an evening out and have a meal as well. Covid-19 has altered all that and Pubs, Taverners and Inns around the world are closed for the foreseeable, and not so foreseeable, future.

Now it seems many beer lovers are turning to making their own. Homebrewing is on the ascendency. I’ve made my own beer, and my own wine for that matter. But beer has always been beer, whereas wine can be made from a variety of fruits, not just grapes. However, many years ago I came across a beer called Cock Ale which was made as beer normally is with hops, yeast, malt and sugar… but with the added ingredient of a chicken. Yep, a chicken, hence the name cock ale. It never appealed to me to try it out but has always been at the back of my mind.

Now it seems many home brewers are turning to producing beer that has a whole variety added extras. Thyme is one of them. Thyme Ale has a sort of synergy to the name. It takes me back to my youth when time was called in my local and we all went home. If you had tried to serve Thyme Ale to us in those days, I guarantee it would have cleared the pub a lot quicker.

So, for want of a better world, where we can go down the pub without getting permission. Where lockdowns and covid-19 are a distant bad memory.  Cheers and Thyme, Gentlemen, please.

Copyright © Tom Kane 2021

Writing is thirsty work and despite the lockdowns and covid I still have to make a living. So, read a book and feed an old writer’s unforgiving habit of needing to eat and drink.




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