“Doomsday comes not in a rage and fury of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. But in a slow and lingering death in the form of a bacteria or virus. It is insidious, not loud, and malevolent. My virus, my doomsday, will kill humanity and finally the Earth will be at peace.” © Tom Kane 2008

The little snippet above I wrote as a prologue to a story called Catalyst in 2008. I had completely forgotten about it as it went nowhere. It was a good-ish idea for a story, but just didn’t sit well with me. The idea that humanity’s doomsday scenario was not going to be a Hollywood blockbuster with Aliens and Zombies on the rampage, but instead a tiny virus, unseen to the human eye, which would wipe out humanity, was not one I could buy into. It seemed a little too simplistic to me. How wrong can you be?

My antagonist, a mad professor who had worked with the Joseph Mengele on a biological weapon for the Nazis in WW2 would utter these words at the beginning of the story.

My protagonist, whose job it was to find this mad scientist whom it was believed had a cure to the virus that was devastating the world, was to utter the immortal line, “There is no cosmic cavalry coming over the hill to save us. This is down to you and me.”

Well, I got it half right because my protagonist is correct in his assertion there is no cosmic cavalry coming over the hill to save us, it’s down to you and me, dear reader, and the rest of us to ensure we don’t go around spreading this Covid-19 virus and killing innocent people. Because that’s what a lot of our fellow humans seem hell bent on doing.

Since I wrote this piece a couple of months ago, we now have a major crisis in India and there is a new variant in town, the so-called Indian Variant. Can it get any worse? Yes, it can, I’m certain of that.

Catalyst may have been a story, but it’s become a reality and it’s a frightening story, and a frightening reality, especially as I know what the end of the story was to be… and no, you don’t want to know.

Copyright © Tom Kane 2021


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