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The key to my having good eyesight is currently my hand eye co-ordination.

You may be aware, dear reader, that I had my second cataract operation on Thursday. And though all went well it was a little more traumatic and a little more painful than the first operation at the end of February. That first operation was such a success and now I can appreciate the blue skies, blue seas of the Mediterranean and the lovely greenery of spring with my left eye. My right eye, the latest to have a cataract removed and new lens fitted, has a way to go before my sight is fully restored. And then I will need new eyeglasses for writing. Yes, I know I’m writing now, but I’m using old prescription eyeglasses so it’s not ideal and I cannot write for too long without getting tired and getting a headache.

But that’s only the half of it, a mere drop in the ocean. I now must administer drops to my right eye on a regular basis. Not just one or two, but four a day of medication for several weeks and then these will slowly become less and less. To see (forgive the pun) what I mean, my left eye cataract op was on 25th February and I’m still doing one drop a day until next week when the medication finishes.

So, as the title suggests, my life for the next several weeks is dominated by wearing dark glasses and stopping what I’m doing to drip, drip drip the odd drop of medication into my right eye. Easy, you might think. But think again. It’s like bombing yourself in a good way with one eye closed, the other unable to focus and on a wing and a prayer.

What makes it more amusing is when I miss, I can wipe the offending drop away as it slithers down my cheek but cannot wash my face for three days hence. Which makes my right cheek look like a snail racetrack under certain light conditions.

It’s all wholesome fun and makes for a few moments of excitement while I wait for my sight to slowly improve.

Hand eye co-ordination was never my strong point.

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