Covid-19 hasn’t any good features to it, it’s just me and my penchant to play with words and titles. This piece is about Covid-19 variants and the ability for the virus to mutate. So, a nod to Clint Eastwood and the film The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, which I’ve called The Good, The Bad and the Deadly in this piece. Why? No other reason than now I feel like crap and that there are so many Covid-19 variants active it’s hard to know what vaccines will and won’t work against these variants. You see yesterday afternoon I received my 2nd Pfizer vaccination. The first one was the 27th March and the 2nd 17th April, yesterday, at high noon appropriately enough.

The first jab was fine, with not one side effect. The 2nd I assumed would be the same, despite the inevitability of being from different batches. Up until I went to bed, last night, I was fine. I awoke at 01:30 this morning and I feel like crap. My left arm aches, my right arm aches, my ribs, where I broke seven ribs a couple of years ago aches, my legs ache and I feel a little hot. I feel as though I have the flu coming so I think it must be side effects. So far, it’s simply flu-like symptoms, no pain from potential blood clots and Pfizer have not had issues with blood clots.

SARS-CoV-2 means severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 and this is the virus that causes the coronavirus disease 2019, better known to all of us as Covid-19.
It has many variants. The virus is mutating at an alarming rate, and some are simply dying out while others are believed to be of particular importance because they have the potential for increased transmissibility. Take one found in Indonesia and Tokyo aptly named Eek!

Yes, they are being given nicknames. I’ve come across George and the Eek while researching this piece. If nothing else our scientists have a sense of morbid humour considering both Eek and George may between them be responsible for thousands, if not millions, of deaths around the globe in the future.

You see this thing is not going away any time soon and this morning has pointed out to me that even a vaccine has its potential side-effects. Currently I can feel my chest is feeling a little heavy, so I expect I’ll have a mild dose of coughing soon. I know of others who have slept for hours after their vaccination, and I know of yet more who have had no ill-effects at all. It’s the luck of the draw.

And I certainly hope I haven’t caught some malicious variant of Covid-19, with a snazzy nickname, and the ability to kill me in a few days despite a vaccination. Because if that’s the case, dear reader, I’ll need a Fistful of Dollars to pay the Funeral Home, which happens to be located opposite the main hospital here in Paphos.

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If I do pop my clogs, my estate will need a lot of cash to bury me (no going up in flames or a Viking Funeral in this country) only a plot in a cemetery. My local cemetery is just down the road from where I live and is on one side of a valley, a valley that is collapsing in on itself. So, no doubt in a couple of hundred years’ time I may have gently slipped down the hill and reached the sea… where I shall make good my escape!

Either way, it’s going to take money so you may like to fund my funeral expenses by buying one of my many books. I thank you, dear reader.




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