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The houses in the area were all secluded within little wooded copses, shielded from the prying eyes of their neighbors. Consequently, the fire raged on before any of the people living in their secluded homes in the area had noticed. The smell of wood burning made Sharon Dempsey look out of her kitchen window and gasp in shock. “John! John!” she shouted.

Her husband ran into the kitchen and looked out the window. “Jesus! Go next door and rouse them, tell them we need buckets and water. Go! Now!”

Sharon Demsey ran outside and crossed to her neighbours while her husband John raced toward the blazing house, desperate to see if anyone was inside the inferno.

As he approached a pony and trap came skidding round a corner with the driver screaming at the top of his head. “Put it out! Put it out!” he shouted, bringing the horse and trap to a shuddering halt as he applied the rudimentary brake. William Harker jumped down from the trap and left his horse to shy away from the flames, take fright, and bolt down the street.

Copyright © Tom Kane 2021

Click the Preview button below to read a sample of book one in the Brittle Saga, The Brittle Sea.

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