Ernest Hemingway
Ernest would be knocking back a few bevvies in a bar somewhere in Havana, laughing aloud at the thought of his name being applied to a writing app.
What am I on about, dear reader?
I’m on about writing (yes, I know, as usual I’m a one-sided single-minded writer) but I offer no apologies for this. It’s what I am. It’s what I do.
Yet, I wasn’t always this dedicated a writer. Once upon a time I was a computer programmer. I was self-taught in BASIC and Visual Basic. It was an odd shift of focus that took me in the direction of being a programmer.
Since my childhood in the 1960s I had always wanted to be a writer. I knew I had a book inside me, getting that book out required writing long-hand. Somebody would then have to type my words up into a full MS. I was only eleven years old when I realised, I wasn’t going to be able to write a book, long-hand. I wasn’t that dedicated. It was another seven years before I managed to save enough money to buy a typewriter. My one and only typewriter, and it was a portable. With this trusty technology I managed to write a few short stories and get them off to magazines and agents. But the cost and method of working agents employed in those days was prohibitive.
I looked for an alternative and the answer to my problem presented itself in the form of the home computer. The trusty Sinclair Spectrum.
There was only one problem, there was no such thing as a word processor. So, I set about working out how to write software to create a word processor. That’s where my divergence lay. I learned BASIC programming, wrote my own software, creating a working word processor. For the rest of my working life, I was a computer programmer and never wrote another piece of fiction, until 2011.
Well, as is my way, I have digressed. What I was about to write about is an app called Hemingway. I’m trying this app out for the sole purpose of writing pieces for my blog, saving the piece, then exporting it to my blog. So far, so good. The writing is complete. Hemingway’s coloured readability chart has kept my words neat, concise, and readable. Now comes the test. Can I export to my blog?
Well, the answer is no, not really. In the end it was simpler to copy and paste. Okay, Hemingway has its benefits for small pieces for a blog or short stories, but a novel? No, I’m afraid not.
Now, back to The Importance of Being Ernest… whose round is it? I’ll have a Cuba Libre!
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Tom Kane May 17, 2021
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As a writer, I always had a hankering to be like Ernest Hemingway and live in Cuba, prop up a bar, drink a little bourbon and write great stories...

...let me know how I'm doing. Tom

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