It’s been a few months since my first eye cataract operation in February 2021. My second was in April and today I have seen my specialist to determine the state of my new lenses. I may not be able to see through lead like Superman, but my vision is otherwise perfect. Distance vision is great, and I just need new eyeglasses for writing and reading.

In the four months since my first operation, my vision has got better and better and now I am virtually done with my specialist. Another appointment as a check-up in six months and hopefully I’m finished with the eyes. Now I need an appointment next week at the opticians for new specs. Once I have them, watch me fly with my writing.

Having new lenses after the last two or three years of my eyesight getting progressively worse is nothing short of a modern medical miracle. The other miracle in this is that it didn’t cost a thing. It’s all on the state health system in Cyprus, which passes the bill to the UK’s NHS. The cost to me was €6 each for two operations and the cost in petrol from Paphos to Nicosia, about €60 in total. That’s a bargain in anyone’s language.

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One thing I never foresaw when I arrived in Cyprus was the need to ensure medical needs were met. Luckily the health system here is very good. So being an expat has never been a problem, on a medical level.

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