My historical fiction book, The Brittle Sea, book one in the Brittle Saga Trilogy, has received some great reviews and in this second book, The Brittle Land, there are major revelations and a few more shocks for readers to get their teeth into.

Currently I’m on the fourth draft and am just in the process of stitching the 100,000 words together to make it a flowing and coherent story.

I estimate I will be publishing in late June or early July 2021, which isn’t that far away. So, watch this space for more information on publishing dates.

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The Brittle Sea is book one in The Brittle Saga. With reviews like this, it’s a must read for historical fiction fans.

“A wonderful read. Loved the era of the Titanic. Could not put the book down because I needed to know what happened next. It was amazing to have my attention so completely captured that I forgot mealtime! Anxiously awaiting The Brittle Land!”

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