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When is a TV not a TV? When it’s an elephant! I know, dear reader, bad joke (not even a joke) delivered badly!  I just loved the image above so much I had to shoe-horn it into my blog piece about my new TV somehow!

The Greek language, written or spoken, has always been a mystery to me. Despite the fact I have lived in Greek speaking Cyprus for thirteen years, I cannot get my head round it. But English is the second language here, so I’ve never had much of a problem as most everyone speaks English. That is, until yesterday.

My old TV needed retirement and I decided to go and buy a Smart TV. I searched on my laptop and found a TESLA Android Smart TV. A 43″ TV with Android as the operating system. I’m a computer programmer and techno geek, so what could be hard about setting it up?

Off I went into town which is only 20 minutes from where I live and bought my TV. What I wanted the most was an excellent quality picture and sound. The rest, all the apps and access to the internet was a bonus. I also bought a stand so that it would sit in the corner and could even swing it round to sit on the patio in the summer and watch in the shade. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy… or so I thought.

In the store, I found an assistant to help me, as I chose my TV, but they only had 40″ TVs on display. The one I wanted was still boxed.
“Can I see the screen?”
The young man scurried off and came back with a boxed TV. He opened it up and showed me the screen.
“Err, can I see it working and listen to the sound.”
“Of course.”
A couple of minutes later after he had fiddled away, the screen was showing a demo with full sound and audio.
“Great, looks good. I’ll take it.”
Half an hour later I was home and opening the box and setting up the TV.
I plugged it in, put batteries in the remote and switched on. The screen lit up and announced it was a TESLA and an Android TV. Wonderful. Great sound, great colours, and display. There were only two niggling problems. Everything was in Greek and no matter what I pressed on the remote, each screen was in Greek and within seconds it reverted to a test display. “Oh dear,” I muttered.

My first thought was to take it back. Then it occurred to me that I should be able to at least change the language to English. I know the Greek word for English (the language) is Αγγλική. So, try and find the language options and voila! Easier said than done. Every time I got close to the option on the menu the test reel showed up and going back with the remote took me to the main menu!
A few minutes and a few choice words later I had managed to change the language to English… well, almost. Greek was hanging on for dear life in a few other menu options, making it hard to know what some of the options were. It took another 24 hours before the whole thing was fully Anglified.
And in those 24 hours I finally managed to remove the showreel. It seems Android TV in its supreme wisdom set the show reel as standard to play out of the box but didn’t mention how to remove it in the accompanying literature. Looking online I found no reference to a show reel. But as luck would have it, I came across a screen that mentioned Retail Mode. That didn’t register with me for a few hours, until 5 O’clock the next morning. Even then I couldn’t remember how to get back to that screen and an online search eventually gave me a reference to Shop Mode! Confusion over! The TV is now fully operational with one odd exception. Accessing the internet, I typed in a search with the remote, which is a bit laborious moving letter to letter. So, I attached a mouse. It’s what the USBs are for… isn’t it? Apparently not. Attach a mouse, move the cursor to the search box and click… nothing happens! No virtual keyboard, even using the remote! It’s a little bit like knowing how to tie your shoelaces, but not being able to quite reach them when you bend over.

Who coined the term Smart TV?

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