Where would we be without science? Probably still living in dark hovels made of straw and mud. But in the 21st century there are some who believe science is a terrible thing. Certainly, science has been guilty of a lot of death and destruction. Though it’s more accurate to say humans have applied science in pursuit of a destructive objective, usually in finding ways to kill more people. You only need to look at the development of explosives and how that have been used in wars for centuries.

Human machinations aside, life is hard enough as it is without having to deal with more complications, but it’s how life works. Let’s face it, how many times has humanity been close to extinction and has managed to cling on for dear life and came back stronger. The black death was a close thing, not to mention super-volcanoes and asteroids hitting the planet. And those events were without the aid of any scientific advances to help humanity survive.

Now that we humans can aid our survival as a species with the appliance of science, it seems there are many who see life-saving scientific discoveries as bad for us. Take the much-vaunted vaccines that have been produced since the world was plunged into the Covid-19 pandemic. I’m certain there are people reading this piece who think the vaccines are a good thing and those who think they are bad.

It’s been revealed that a significant percentage of UK NHS (National Health Service) workers have refused to have a Covid-19 vaccination. Now that’s cause for concern on two fronts. Why if you’re an NHS frontline worker would you refuse a vaccination when millions of your fellow citizens have had at least one jab. Do they know something we don’t?

We are all entitled to a view on this and entitled to refuse to have a vaccine jab. I just find it hard to understand the justification of saying no to something that can save people’s lives. Not to mention saving your own life or that of a family member.

It seems we will never, as a species, get beyond any given situation or crisis without there being a degree of argument for and against a course of action. But when it’s for the good of the entire species and when you consider Covid-19 and its potential for new variants even deadlier than previous variants, my money is on science and vaccines every time.

You want to risk catching an awful disease, then be my guest, but please try and isolate and not pass it on to others.

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