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You can almost guarantee that every word that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth is either part of a lie or part of some elaborate fantasy he has concocted for reasons only known to him. There is honestly no knowing what goes on that that crazed mind of his. He has told thousands of lies that are all verifiable. And the man must know his lies can be verified, and yet he has carried on lying. Who acts like that in real life? Well, most crazed dictators actually and there is no doubt that was Trump’s ultimate aim, to be America’s first dictator. But if we look a little bit below the surface of lies Trump has littered across the politics of America and indeed other parts of the world, we can see that there is a comedian wanting to break out, because that seems to be the only talent Trump has. He’s a comic source the likes of which the world has never seen before. So, let’s look a little deeper into the psyche of Donald Trump and reveal his true talent.

I had a nightmare last night. Donald Trump was not only reinstated as President of the United States of America, but he was also made President of the world! Not a good situation to be in, especially as I was arrested and made to perform tasks to gain my freedom, but the tasks were booby-trapped. One false move and I was dead. It was a bizarre and frightening dream. Which, when I woke up, made me immediately realise what sort of state Donald Trump’s mind must be in. My nightmare was triggered by my reading about Trump and the news that the Covid-19 Delta variant is causing great concern worldwide. Considering Trump is partially responsible for so many deaths in the USA during this pandemic, we should all be aware Trump isn’t just a fool, he’s potential a dangerous fool.

Here’s the thing. Notwithstanding that Trump has been the cause of so much misery in America, Trump is also a gift to every comedian or writer who needed a subject that was so outlandishly bizarre, their words and actions would lend themselves to a humorous response. Take Trump’s last stand rally! He made the outlandish claim that a walk down a ramp at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point was so wet, icy and slippery he had to be careful walking down it. In fact, it was dry and bright sunshine at that time. This shows that in his head, Trump lives in an alternate universe. This may have been bad for America, but it was and is rich pickings for those of us seeking to use humour to deflect from Trump’s crazy words.

Now we come to my own bizarre thought prompted by Trump’s crazy antics and my nightmare. Could we please keep Trump around a bit longer, as a sort of token for parents to point to and tell little Johnny if he doesn’t eat his greens he’ll end up like Trump. He will also be a great stimulus, post pandemic, for the entertainment industry. Think of all the books, plays and films that are out their waiting in the wings. Yes, I realise he is going to be arrested at some point and put on trial, but that won’t last forever. And once inside a prison cell, we’ll never hear his words again and a great comedic talent will be lost to us forever. So rather than lock him up, stick him in a pillory and we can all enjoy his comedic value for a little while longer.


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