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I’m on course for publishing the third and last book of my historical fiction, Brittle Saga Trilogy. The response to books one and two, The Brittle Sea and The Brittle Land has been brilliant. I want to thank all my readers for their kind words, reviews and the multiple 5-star ratings.

To keep you happy, I’m publishing chapter one of the 1st draft of The Brittle Sky below. Enjoy.


March 1931. A Brittle Heart.

“What have we got?”
“A young woman, early twenties I guess, shot and killed a man in the street then turned the gun on herself.”
“Never rains but it pours.”
The doctor and nurse hurried down the corridor on the way to the emergency room. At the double doors, the demarcation between public areas and the medical staff only emergency room, a lone policeman was slowly pacing back and forth. He saw the doctor and nurse walking quickly toward him. “Doc! I need to speak to you.”
“Later,” the doctor said as he pushed open the double doors with a heavy hand. The doors closed as the two medics entered, leaving a frustrated policeman to continue his slow pacing wait.

“What’s your name?” The doctor asked. The examination of the young woman didn’t take long and her head was soon bandaged. There was no response. The woman lay in the bed, slightly propped up, her head swathed in a bandage. “I need your name for my records.”
The woman suddenly rolled to the left and was sick on the ward’s shiny wooden floor.
“Sonofa…” the doctor exclaimed as his shoes were splattered with the contents of the girl’s stomach.
“I feel sick,” the girl muttered.
“You don’t say,” the doctor muttered back as the nurse grabbed a metal kidney shaped dish and stuck it under the woman’s chin.
“I think we need to take another, closer look, at you young lady.”

The double doors opened, and the doctor walked out, alone.
“Doc, I need information. I have to arrest and process her.”
The doctor stopped and looked the police officer up and down. “Well, she’s going nowhere just now.”
“But she shot a man dead. Her own father according to witnesses.”
“It doesn’t matter, she’s still going nowhere for the time being. She is non-communicative and in a state of shock. Besides, apart from the injury, she’s pregnant.”
The doctor let that piece of news sink in for a moment, then turned walked down the corridor, leaving the policeman to ponder what he should do next.

Copyright © Tom Kane 2021

Book One of the trilogy.


Book two of the trilogy.

Book three, The Brittle Sky, will be published on 24th December 2021. Pre-Order here – http://mybook.to/BrittleSkyPOEbook




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