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“I hate reading and wouldn’t give Shakespeare the time of day.”

This, dear reader, has been said to me not once but several times over the years. And, like so many others, I wouldn’t read anything by William Shakespeare either, despite being a writer. So, it will surprise you when I call my own statement a load of BS, though unintentional BS. You see, at the heart of the English language, no matter where you look, you will always find our William lurking there.

Shakespeare has been attributed with inventing at least 1,700 words. Of course, when we look at our William in this light, it’s a foregone conclusion that Shakespeare would also be a master of many phrases. And so he is, and I’ve just used one. Foregone Conclusion, which comes from one of his plays, Othello.

Why is it that Shakespeare’s words, phrases, and quotes have come down through the ages and are still used by us, over four hundred years after his death.

Shakespeare’s plays were popular at the time and still are. It is this popularity that will have made an impression on many. But it was the introduction of innovative technology into England, by William Caxton, two hundred years earlier, that paved the way to preserve Shakespeare’s words. The printing press changed everything. Shakespeare’s plays spread everywhere and are still performed, studied and debated to this day. We owe Shakespeare a big debt of gratitude, and Caxton as well, for making all the world a stage for the words of William Shakespeare.

What a clever bard.

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I am but a scribe, my words, not Shakespeare’s. And here’s some more of my words that you can read for free.

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