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I started writing a fiction book eight years ago which was to be a standalone historical drama with a flavour of romance and intrigue. It became a trilogy, an historical thriller that are my best-selling books to date. The Brittle Saga trilogy took eight years to write, and the story spanned decades. It has intrigue, a deadly killer, romance, action, adventure love and loss. Put quite simply it has everything you would want to read in a book and that shows not only in the sales, but also the ratings.

As with all things, some people simply love it and have been champing at the bit for the next instalment to be released. Others have hated the first book and have said so, never to darken my door again. That’s life, that’s choice and you cannot expect anything else when people’s opinions are involved. As the author of these three books, it inspires me to write more because the books illicit emotion from my audience. Authors need their readers to be emotional.

And so, onto the next project. It’s more than one project. I think I have it in me to write and publish three books a year. That is going to be my New Year resolution. To write and publish three books in a year? Is it possible I can do that? Well, The Brittle Sea was published in 2020 and I started writing it in 2013. That’s seven years! But, the next two in the trilogy, The Brittle Land and The Brittle Sky were written and published in 2021, with a month to spare! The final book in the trilogy, The Brittle Sky is published 2nd December 2021… though the paperback is already available.

What’s next? Well, here’s my proposed writing and publishing schedule for 2022. And remember this, dear reader, I’m a one-man band. I write, proof, and edit my work myself and design my own covers. The only assistance is from a select few trusty beta readers who give me feedback on style, content and any typos or grammatical faux pas they may discover.

  1. Walking Away from Midnight
  2. The Brittle Wall
  3. Prohibition

These three are my projects for 2022 and here’s the low down on each.

Walking Away from Midnight

historical fiction

June 1939 and Jessie Fordham graduates top of her philosophy class at Cambridge University.
Jessie’s father, Colonel Albert Fordham, is the military attaché at the British Embassy in Paris. Her father is English, her stepmother French. The family, along with Albert’s brother, Nev Fordham, spend the summer at their home in France, outside of Paris. The house is situated next to a lake, Le Lac de Minuit, the Midnight Lake.
In September, Hitler’s Nazi Germany invades Poland. Britain and France declare war on Germany. The phony war follows, with months of small skirmishes between France, Britain and Germany as the sides prepare for the spring onslaught that is to come. German forces are like a coiled spring, ready to be unleashed on Europe. The allies are ill-equipped and unprepared.
In the spring of 1940, Hitler’s forces invade France, and Jessie’s family are forced to make plans to leave their home and move to England.
But their plans go awry when Jessie’s father and mother are trapped in Paris and Jessie’s Uncle is killed during a German air-raid on the city.
As Hitler’s lighting war pushes on, France is overwhelmed.
Jessie must take control of her two younger brothers and stepsister, and along with the Swedish nanny they have no choice but to walk to the coast, over 115 kilometres away, and freedom in England.
The roads and lanes across France are being clogged by a wave a fleeing human misery, refugees who have the same notion as Jessie, to escape.
Along the way, Jessie picks up two strays, a French soldier, Paul Solas, who is trying to find his unit and an American journalist, Ben Nader.
But Jessie soon realises her small band of people are being pursued by an unseen enemy.
Unknown to her, Jessie carries a secret and Nazi spies will stop at nothing to seize the stolen secret.

The Brittle Wall

historical fiction

Historical spy thriller.
Set at the start f the cold war, The Brittle Wall touches very briefly on the events of The Brittle Saga and then tells the story of Eric Asparov, who is approached by the Soviet KGB and told his father is still alive. Blackmailed into revealing secrets about the American Mercury Project, Eric decides he must find the truth about his father and if he is still alive, free him from a Russian Gulag. But to do so, he must fand a way through the Iron Curtain that has fallen across Germany.


crime thriller

1930s crime drama.

So far, I’m 2,000 words in on Walking Away from Midnight and it’s going well. I must admit, it’s a lot easier to control what’s going on in a timeline when the action takes place over a year, and not decades like my Brittle Saga trilogy.

I’ll keep you posted, dear reader, on my writing progress.

Copyright © Tom Kane 2021

The Brittle Saga Trilogy Box Set
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