A Christmas Seance: Part Two

christmas seance

christmas seance

A Christmas Seance: Part Two

Ellie stood in the long corridor, her mind a maelstrom of thoughts, emotions and above all fear.

“Calm yourself. It will be fine, child.” It was a soothing, motherly voice in her head, not the fearful and mocking man’s voice she heard earlier.

Ellie took a deep breath and concentrated on the here and now of her situation. There was a question in her head that was pounding away and demanding an answer. What was going in?

“Enter, child, and we will discover the secret to your question, together.”

Ellie realised she was standing in front of the only door at the end of a long corridor. She looked back and the front door to the house was now closed.

“You must go forward, and back, to discover the truth.”

It may have been a kindly voice, but it made no sense to Ellie. She took a deep breath, opened the door, and entered a room that was straight out of a scene from an Edwardian painting. The room was dark with thick and heavy looking drapes closing out any light from the windows. Candles in ornate holders were scattered across the room, on two small occasional tables, and three sideboards. They gave a rich and rosy glow to the room, with their light reflected from the deep red velvet drapes and furnishings.

“Please, sit,” the calming voice said from beyond the doorway. Ellie walked forward and could see a large round table with two upright dining chairs pulled out, ready to seat Ellie and one other.

Ellie approached the table and chairs, then stopped when she realised, she wasn’t alone in the room. A woman, an ethereal ghost, stood close to the table, indicating to Ellie where she should sit.

“I can see through you,” Ellie gasped.

“Of course, I’m not actually here. To you I’m a ghost. Perhaps if you think of me as a projection, because more accurately I’m a spirit, I embody all that is good in your life.”

Ellie sat, not taking her eyes off the spirit.

The spirit, in full Edwardian dress of colourful flowers. Her hair, tinged red, held up in a ball of elaborate curls, glided to the table and took her place in the other chair.

“Well, this is cosy, isn’t it?”

Ellie nodded, then realised her mouth was open and had been seen she had first seen the spirit. Ellie pulled herself together and sat upright. “A spirit, you say. Well, I have the distinct feeling I have been kidnapped. Snatched from my normal life. Yes, yes, I have been kidnapped.”

The spirit held her hand up. “Please, Ellie, let us not argue about your current predicament. You are here because the universe wanted you here, to correct an error in your life.”

“The universe? You put me too high in any supposed pecking order, spirit. I am a mere human being. A spinster in my parish…”

“No, you are not. You should be, will be, acclaimed in your own time. Your status as a spinster in your parish is an error, brought about by circumstances beyond your control. There is more to you than a sparkle in a doting parent’s eye. Your destiny was to give joy to thousands, indeed, millions.”

“No, spirit, this is a dream, not happening. I will awake and you will be gone, and I will make a cup of tea and forget you ever existed.”

“As you wish, child. But while you are still in this dream of yours, perhaps you should continue and see what life had in store for you. We must hold a seance.”

Ellie laughed. “Tosh and nonsense, I do not believe in spirits and as for a seance…”

“Nevertheless, as a dream you should allow the scenes to play out, you have no choice if indeed this is a dream you are in. Hold my hands and I will reveal the past to allow you to go forward.”

“Very well, spirit. As you wish.” Ellie placed her hands on the table, palms up. She was shocked when the spirit took her hands and she could feel the smooth warmth of the spirits hands. “Your hands are warm!”

The spirit smiled, but said nothing, closing her eyes.

Ellie, involuntarily, closed her own eyes. Her eyelids shut out the warm glow of the candles and all was dark. A greyness crept into her darkened vision, a small glow, swirling grey clouds filled her shuttered sight. Then she discerned an image forming in her vision. Two little girls, playing with dolls on a grey carpeted floor, each little girl dressed in identical clothing of a ochre dresses, talking in whispers making up a play for their dolls to enact.  One little girl, on the left of Ellie’s vision, giggled loudly.

“The girl, the giggling girl I heard outside.”

“Indeed,” the spirit said, her words echoing through Ellie’s mind. “Your sister was always the giggling little girl.”

“Sister? I don’t have a sister. I was an orphan.”

“Here is our first conundrum, a gap in time. You have a sister and a mother and father. Somehow, you lost them, or they lost you. Therefore, you need to go back in order to go forward.”

The vision in Ellie’s mind suddenly sprang into full colour and Ellie found herself standing on the grey carpet.

The two little girls looked directly at Ellie.

“Ellie, it’s a ghost,” the giggling girl on the left said.

“Oh, so it is. I can see through her, Prue.”

“You can see me?” Ellie blurted out, shocked at the thought of being considered a ghost.

The two girls stood and formally curtsied to Ellie.

“We can, ghost. Are you here to haunt us?” Prue asked with a delighted giggle.

“I don’t think so,” Ellie said.

“Oh! Never mind. I’m Ellie and this is my twin sister, Prue. We’re the Carter twins. Pleased to meet you, ghost,” little Ellie said.

Copyright © Tom Kane 2021

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