A Christmas Seance: Part Three

christmas seance

Part Three of a Christmas Seance

christmas seance

Ellie’s mouth was open, and she realised she must look a little gormless, stood there, transfixed by the image of herself, and a twin sister called Prue.
The scene suddenly changed and jolted, as if shifting position. Ellie blinked.
“What’s wrong?” Prue asked, moving her doll towards Ellie’s, making it nod at Ellie’s doll as she spoke.
“I thought I saw a lady stood there,” Ellie answered, losing interest in the game with dolls and dropping hers on the floor.
Ellie nodded toward the door. Ellie looked at the door to the small room in the holiday chalet. She realised, as if for the first time, that the playroom was their bedroom, the bed being folded away during the day. “She appeared out of thin air, then spoke and suddenly she was gone again. She was a ghost.”
“Because I could see through her.” Ellie suddenly realised something. “You spoke to her.”
I don’t think I did,” Prue said, shaking her head. “Don’t you want to play anymore?”
Ellie stood up. “No, that man’s coming back soon. The man with the nice dog.”
“Oh, the black and white one that smiles and jumps up and down. The man that we couldn’t understand.”
“Yes, I heard poppa say he wanted money for something. But it was a bit hard to understand. Poppa said he was French.”
“Money for what?” Prue asked, losing interest in the conversation, and wanting to play.
“Yes, money for something. He said to repay a debt, but I’m not certain what he meant by debt.”
“I know, let’s go outside and when he arrives, we can ask to play with his dog.”
“Okay,” Ellie said, not exactly arming to the idea. It was cold outside.
The twins pulled their duffle coats on and put their sturdy outdoor shoes on.
“Don’t forget poppa said we must stay close. He said there was a war coming, so we need to stay near this holiday chalet.”
Prue said nothing but nodded her head to indicate she understood. She didn’t, but Ellie was the sensible one, so Prue always bowed to her wisdom.
Outside it wasn’t too cold, the chill in the April air was giving way to the warmth of May in this small campsite in southern France.
The girls had a rubber ball and played at tossing the ball between each other, until once more Ellie lost interest.
She felt something wasn’t quite right to the surrounding area. She was sure she wasn’t supposed to be in this place.
“Come on!” Prue shouted. “Pick it up and throw it back.”
Ellie looked at Prue, then saw the man with the dog walking along the track that ran along the side of the chalets.
In this part of the camp, there were only four chalets and the only one occupied was the one they were in.
The man wasn’t visiting anyone else but the Carter family.
“Girls! Come inside, please.”
Prue and Ellie turned and dutifully ran back to the chalet at the sound of their mother’s voice.
The girls sidled up to where their parents stood, at the chalet front door which was slightly open.
The man with the dog approached. The dog was walking at the man’s side but was not on a leash.
“What is that dog, poppa?” Prue asked.
“It’s a spaniel. A French spaniel. Monsieur Clamart calls him Poirot, after the famous Belgian detective. Be quiet girls and I will conclude our business with Monsieur Clamart.”
Prue fidgeted as poppa and Monsieur Clamart talked.
Ellie grasped her mother’s hand, squeezed it, and looked up at her mother.
Ellie squeezed the hand again and was rewarded by her mother looking down.
“Yes, Ellie? What’s wrong,” Mrs Carter whispered.
“I know him, momma.”
“Yes, you’ve seen him before, two days ago.”
“No, I know him from another time. He took me to England. He put me in the home.”
“Home? What home?” Mrs Carter asked, switching her attention between her husband’s conversation and Ellie.
“The children’s home. The orphanage in Dorset.”
Before Ellie could do or say anymore, the scene jerked, sideways and Ellie blinked and shut her eyes. The feeling of moving rapidly to the left and back again, made her feel a little sick, almost like being seasick. She felt warm hands on her own and opened her eyes.
“I was in a family. I had a mother, father and a twin sister.”
The Edwardian ethereal spirit smiled. “Now, are you ready to discover the truth?”

Copyright © Tom Kane 2021

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