A Christmas Seance: Part Four

christmas seance fiction fantasy
christmas seance fiction fantasy

A Christmas Seance – Part Four

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Ellie nodded her head, still feeling a little sickly.
“What you will see, is your past reality. It is something you have blocked out. Only you can gain that reality, put the pieces together. Make sense of your life.”
Ellie was once more stood outside the chalet in France, listening to the Frenchman and her poppa talking.
A sudden loud noise made her jump in fright and scream out in fear.
Three aircraft swooped low over the holiday camp, one after another in a loud cacophony of noise.
“It has started, Monsieur Carter. The Bosch, they are coming. We must leave here now.”
Ellie looked at her parents, then her sister who was sobbing uncontrollably.
“Prue, hush.” Mrs Carter said, bending down and holding her daughter.
“She’s frightened, momma. And so am I. What’s happening?”
“There is a French army camp just down the road, Monsieur Carter. It will be a target. They will come with bombers, tanks, and troops. This place will be no more. We must go now.”
“Very well,” Ellie’s poppa said, and handed a bag to the Frenchman. “It’s all I have; you must find a way to keep my daughters safe and we will join you in England. Once we have found my wife’s mother.”
“Grandma,” Ellie whispered. “I remember. She was taken ill after we arrived in France and went into hospital.”
An explosion in the distance, followed by another. More aircraft screaming low over the treetops fired their guns and the chalets further down the track erupted in splinters of wood.
“We move, now!” Monsieur Clamart shouted, grabbing Ellie’s hand.
The last chalet in the line of four erupted in a cascade of mud and splintered wood and Ellie’s mother scooped Prue up and ran into their chalet.
Mr Carter stood, mouth open, looked at Ellie and then Monsieur Clamart. Shock, fear, and sadness all flowed across his face as he pointed down the track. “Go! Go now!” He shouted and then followed his wife into the chalet.
The Frenchman ran and he dragged Ellie, screaming, and tugging to be released. But the Frenchman’s grip was tight as he ran, dragging Ellie along with him. The dog barking and running alongside.
Another wave of bombs and aircraft swooping in and criss-crossing the holiday camp, firing their guns. Chalets were either ripped to shreds or bombed to oblivion.
“They think this is part of the army camp.”
Ellie heard the Frenchman shouting but didn’t understand what he was saying. She was still trying to break loose, desperate to get back to her parents and her sister. She looked back, screaming in fear. All she could see was rubble and burning wood where once four chalets had stood, where once her parents and sister had stood.
Ellie gasped and a flood of nausea welled up as the scene changed.
Ellie sat at the seance table, feeling the spirit’s hands. She was quaking in fear and crying, uncontrollably.
“They’re dead,” she said, weeping. “They’re dead.”
She couldn’t understand the tumult of feelings she was going through. The realisation over a brief time she had a family and then to have them cruelly snatched away by a war.
“War,” spirit said. “It is cruel. People die. Families are destroyed.”
“All this time I have grown up in an orphanage, through the war, thinking I am alone in the world.”
“Fear and anger have been your guiding light in your life. It’s made you what you are. The voice, the man’s voice. That was your fear speaking to you. It’s what has driven you to this point, this realisation.”
“The girl giggling, was Prue?”
“You blotted out the pain and in so doing wiped your memory.”
“I have questions. Why where we in France? War was declared in 1939, France was invaded in 1940. Why where we there?”
“Now you know your reality. Or, at least, you think you know your reality.”
Ellie was about to ask the spirit what she meant when the scene shifted again and Ellie was once more stood on a dark night, outside the door she had only just entered. She looked up. The neon sign announcing a seance was gone.
The door was closed. Ellie knocked. Not knowing why, she knocked.
After a moment of waiting Ellie heard footsteps. The door opened.
A young woman opened the door, her head was down as she caught a small child trying to run outside.
“Can I help you?”
The woman held the child’s hand with a firm grip and looked up at Ellie.
Ellie gasped. “Prue?”
The end of this story will be revealed in part five, to follow in a few days.
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