Friends, Readers, Writers, Lend Me Your Stars

friends readers writers amazon rating

friends readers writers amazon rating

With apologies to William Shakespeare

Friends, Readers, Writers

As an Independent Author, better known as an Indie Author, myself and my fellow indies live and breathe for our writing. We all dream of the day we can give up work and make a living writing and publishing our books. But the truth of the matter is, most of the big players we publish our works on, like Amazon, can be a little restrictive when it comes to our readers posting their reviews and rating our books. It’s an amalgamation of book sales, Kindle Unlimited Page Reads, Reviews and Ratings that pushes us up into that fabled realm of the top one hundred books in our chosen genre. But equally, no reviews and no ratings will suppress our books, which in turn suppresses our sales, which can make some indie authors throw their hands up, give up writing and go back to working for a living.

This is one thing that we indie authors battle to get more of than anything else, reviews and ratings for our books. And yet, though Amazon themselves survive or fall through our books selling or not selling on their platform, they sometimes choose not to publish genuine reviews and ratings. That strikes me as odd. I know it has happened because it’s happened several times to me when writing a review and rating a book I’ve purchased.

Let’s look at the rules on reviews and ratings Amazon have laid out.

Anyone with an active buying account who’s in good standing with the Community can write reviews.
It doesn’t matter if the customer bought the item, received it as a gift, or borrowed it for a weekend. If they want to write a review of an item, they’re welcome to use this feature.

However, the following are types of reviews they don’t allow and will remove:

A review by someone who has a direct or indirect financial interest in the product.
A review by someone perceived to have a close personal relationship with the product’s owner, author, or artist.
A review by the product manufacturer, posing as an unbiased shopper.
Multiple negative reviews for the same product from one customer.
A review in exchange for monetary reward.
A review of a game in exchange for bonus in-game credits.
A negative review from a seller on a competitor’s product.
A positive review from an artist on a peer’s album in exchange for receiving a positive review from them.

It’s not surprising some readers simply don’t bother giving a star rating, never mind a written review, if their ratings and reviews are rejected on a regular basis. It must be that because I know some of my genuine ratings and reviews have been rejected.

I’m afraid, dear indie writer’s, we may one day have to spread our wings and publish on more diverse platforms to gain a bigger audience.

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In the meantime, dear reader, please read a few free chapters from some of my books… and if you download the full book, don’t forget to give me a rating and hopefully a review.