Shake, Rattle and Roll to my First Earthquake



It’s 14 years in September since I moved from England to live as an expat in Cyprus. In all that time I have never experienced an earthquake. We get them on a regular basis, but even though all the people around me have felt the earthquake, I never have… until now. It’s 03:15 on 11th January 2022 and in the early, early morning as I was writing another blog piece, the earth shook… a lot. The sofa I am sat on with my laptop perched on my knee stay still, but the entire living room shook, a little violently. A little too violently for my tastes. And it was a pretty big event.

Magnitude 6.6 earthquake

Affected countries: Palestine, Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Israel, and United Kingdom
63 km from Paphos. That’s just over the water a little from where I am sat right now.

I’ve decided I officially do not like the experience of being in an earthquake. I can only describe it as a cross between being drunk and a supernatural event. It was a little creepy.

So now I seem to have experienced the entire gamut of manmade and natural disasters.

An international banking crisis.
The main power station being destroyed in a devastating explosion of several containers of badly stored munitions and explosives.
Cyprus almost going bankrupt along with Greece and Eire.
A Greek military officer is arrested tried and sentenced for the islands first serial killer
An explosion in a warehouse in Lebanon is felt as far away as Cyprus.
The Covid-19 Pandemic & lockdown.
And now an earthquake.

I’m just waiting for an asteroid to hit my house and I’ll have a full set.

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