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historical family saga

“The crossing paths of the scattered to the winds characters and how they all come together is phenomenal.”

Something for most readers in my books.

Historical Fiction Thrillers


historical fiction


The Brittle Sea Book 1 in The Brittle Saga Trilogy
The Titanic disaster is the catalyst that triggers a bloody-feud between two families in early 20th century America.
Arranged marriage, tragic love story, a mystery and a bad guy you’ll love to hate.
“Set against the backdrop of early 20th century America, an incredible story of love & loss, injustice & perseverance, mental illness & heartbreak.”

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historical fiction


The Brittle Land Book 2 in The Brittle Saga Trilogy
“This book did not disappoint thoroughly enjoyed as much as the first book. My god you know how to end on a cliff-hanger.”
“Wow. So many threads to keep a handle on. Mental illness in the form of multiple personality disorder, war, Spanish Flu pandemic & more. Wonderful continuation from The Brittle Sea. A definite must read! Love it”

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historical fiction


The Brittle Sky Book 3 in The Brittle Saga Trilogy
“Simply an excellent read. Transported me to an era I don’t give enough thought to. The crossing of paths of the scattered to the winds of the characters and how they all come together is phenomenal. The mental health issues are so apropos if our current times. I will miss the ongoing stories of Maggie, Richard, Ava, Jake, Kim, Fenny and Eric. So I will reread the whole trilogy to enjoy many times over. If I could give 100 stars I would! Thank you Mr. Kane for the excellent saga!”

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historical fiction


Operation Werwolf
At the closing stages of World War 2, a specialist SOE team have 24 hours to save London and New York from nuclear devastation as Hitler unleashes his latest and deadliest V weapon.
World War II Action/Adventure.
“Well this is a rollicking read! Great stuff mate! Loving how you told the funeral and then her telling the story at the bar! Liking this a lot mate! A lot of realism and blood and guts too. Awesome!”

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Lifestyle, Travel & An English Expat’s Life in Cyprus

lifestyle travel humour


A Pat on His Back

I had a dream.
To live in the sun & take life one small step at a time. Kick back, sit back, lie back, be an ex-pat on my back & relax.
But Cyprus had other ideas.
“Welcome to Cyprus, please ensure your passport & wallet are open.”

“Brilliant: Down to earth story about a move to a foreign country all the ups and downs! Well written and very entertaining”

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my booksLiving In Cyprus

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in another country to that which you are born to and have lived in all your life.
Well, I did exactly that in 2008 at the grand old age of 53.
Crisis? What crisis?
It seems to have been a theme in my expat life in Cyprus.
Bankrupt banks, raging fires, increasing crime rates, refugees arriving by the boatload, personal loss…
then came the Pandemic. Is there more to come?

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If Covid-19 has seriously restricted your ability to travel, perhaps reading someone else’s travels is the next best thing.

Ciao Como – A Lake Como, Italy, Travelogue Ciao Como

Ciao Roma – A Rome, Italy, Travelogue Ciao Roma

Perth Travelogue – A Perth, Australia, Travelogue Perth Travelogue



Science Fiction

science fiction

The Eternal Man

A compilation of science fiction short stories and flash fiction.
The Eternal Man: Jimmy Hyde is recruited to a top secret UN project designed to save the Earth from destruction by pollution. But time is a tricky thing and Jimmy Hyde becomes a murderer, time and time again.
Connections: A retired LA cop investigates an ‘out of this world’ serial killer at a retirement home
Sentinels: Invading aliens have an uncanny ability to detect humans.

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True Life Humour

humourDiary of a Debt Collector

Kim Darby had never had to work in her entire life. She married her childhood sweetheart at eighteen and at thirty she had three young daughters, a lovely home and was living the dream. Then her husband suddenly passed away, without any insurance cover and a stack of debts. For the first time in her life, Kim needed a job. She had no problem finding a job, but on her first day she realised what the job entailed. Hilarious true stories from the front-line of debt collecting.

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