Can blogging help an indie author sell his books? It certainly can.


I’ve been blogging since 2012, well, I actually started in 2011 but could not get to grips with the idea of writing something and posting it on a website for all the world to read… mainly because all the world ignored me and nobody read my posts. But by 2012 I had published my first book and realised I needed to get an audience from somewhere in order to maybe sell a few books.


That thought, it turned out, was a marketing plan, albeit a rather wishy-washy marketing plan. As I progressed in blogging, my marketing plan progressed as well, and it actually worked, my blog went from strength to strength and is still growing, despite having just moved my blog to be hosted on a new website, my readers followed me and carried on reading.


This quick guide will help in your fledgling blogging efforts.

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