My Current Book Projects

Once upon a time I would announce when a new book was going to be published. But as an Indie Author who has to still do a day job to pay the bills, I no longer pre-announce my publication dates as I can never keep to them. Instead, I've put a % completed & year next to each as an indication to completion & publication.


Time travel & alternate history time-line set during World War 2.



75% 2018

Period Drama

A young woman survives the sinking of the Titanic, but has lost her memories.

She falls in love and has a baby with her rescuer. But when she regains her memory, she becomes her lover's bitter enemy.


65% 2018


Stephen King's The Tommyknockers meets 1960s black & white movie It Came From Outer Space.



10% 2019


Humanity's first contact with an alien species triggers a war, a war that humanity is ill-prepared to wage.



15% 2019

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