A compilation of science fiction short stories and flash fiction.


The Eternal Man: Jimmy Hyde is recruited to a top secret UN project designed to save the Earth from destruction by pollution. But time is a tricky thing and Jimmy Hyde becomes a murderer, time and time again.


Connections: An LA detective comes out of retirement to catch an out of this world serial killer.


Sentinels: Invading aliens have an uncanny ability to detect humans.


After the Bomb: A secret alien operative, trapped in a bomb shelter with desperate humans after a nuclear war.


By Dawn’s Early Light: Victor didn't believe in aliens, until the president made him earth's first emissary to an alien race.


Grapes: That's what you give to hospital patients, Grapes... Before you suck the life out of them!


Plus 18 flash fiction sci-fi stories and sample chapters form three new books to be released in 2018:

The Ragged Edge of Time: Time travelling android battles Nazis in the last stronghold of free people, New York

Ascension: Brave New Earth: Humans make contact with an alien species and the first war between worlds breaks out.

Welcome to Beyond: In the style of 1950s black and white American sci-fi movies, 'It came from outer space' meets 'The Tommyknockers.'





Time travel & alternate history time-line set during World War 2.



80% 2018


Humanity's first contact with an alien species triggers a war, a war that humanity is ill-prepared to wage.



15% 2019


Stephen King's The Tommyknockers meets 1960s black & white movie It Came From Outer Space.



10% 2019

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