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What rattles your cage and makes you put pen to paper?


Tom Kane is an English ex-pat living in the small Eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus, and these are his observations of life as an ex-pat in Cyprus.


Tom has been blogging about Cyprus for many years and in this book we go from pornographic beer adverts to the Island going broke, from Spy planes to flying dogs and from snake charming to rescuing dogs from a raging wildfire.


Irreverent and funny but always observant, Tom Kane takes you on a ride through the funny side of Cyprus.


As we left the arrival hall at Rome's Ciampino Airport we knew the shuttle bus was a short walk, left diagonally, from where we were. A small crowd of people with cases and backpacks pointed us in the right direction. A timetable on a wall showed us where the buses went to, gaving us all the information we needed. The coach arrived, we threw our bags on and paid the four Euros each and that was it. We took our seats at the front and off we went for the forty minute trip to central Rome.


Here I'm going to give you a warning that you MUST heed. All drivers in Rome have two speeds, fast and faster. Pedestrians in Rome have no precedence over vehicular traffic and Zebra/Pelican crossings do not exist as far as drivers are concerned. Vehicles will stop at red lights, but that is about the only concession they give to pedestrians. You have been warned.

Tom Kane (c) 2016


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